Nate is a web application and software developer with several years of experience building and maintaining websites, web based applications and both web based and PC games. He has recently been involved in several NUI (Natural User Interface) projects as well. Through his knowledge of both frontend and backend development, he strives to provide quality products in a timely fashion while appropriately capturing client needs.


The follow items are projects that I contributed to while I was pursuing my M.S. in Computer Science at The University Of North Carolina. These projects include games-related research, data mining and analysis and even security innovations.

Games + Learning Lab:

Bots : A game designed to teach programming concepts.

Greener Challenge : A reporting tool used to help promote energy awareness in the Greater Charlotte Area.

Laboratory of Information Integration, Security, and Privacy (LIISP):

FBSecure / Secure_A_Me : A Chrome Plugin which allows customization of 3rd party Facebook application permissions before installing them.

Visualization Center:

VAIRoma : An analytic tool used to generate a visual timeline based on historical texts.